Upcoming Shows

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  • Friday, October 05th at 11:00PM

    🏃️ Dirty 30: Alex Styula & baby GRAND

    🕐️One Minute Sketches

    🎤️Featuring: Alex Stypula !!!

    👩‍🎤️Featuring: baby GRAND !!!

    🎭️A show so action-packed, so fast-paced, so-so def, that you just may pull a hamstring from laughing so hard. Join us and a bunch of our other lovable and maniacal friends as we do a marathon sprint of sketch comedy. 🎶️Music and Games in-between each sketch!

    🏋️ We've been training this for our whole lives.

    🤩️ Alex O'Brien, Justin Tunney, and SURPRISE GUESTS!

    🏁️Party Time At The Finish Line

    Register at:

    🎟️ https://www.showclix.com/event/jje1810

    • Arcade Comedy Theater, Downtown